Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Fun!

Ah, summer in the Midwest. There's been a dearth of fireflies so far, and way too many mosquitoes. Also, too much humidity. But for the last few days, pure bliss--cooler days, low humidity, really nice weather for being active outside. And no bugs! One of my very favorite things to do these summer mornings is waking up early with the sun, and then having a quiet breakfast on the front porch with Sophie the Wonder Dog and Chloe the Pretty Tabby. All is peaceful until Mel, the Labradoodle next-door, comes bounding up the steps, so excited to see her playmate Sophie. I do love Mel, but sometimes she is just so exuberant!

What else do I love about summer here?
  • Long days of light, time enough for a early-evening bike ride on nights when we're not busy.
  • Lots of fresh fruits & veggies!
  • Fruit sorbet made in our new Cuisinart ice cream freezer. Pineapple & champagne Sorbet--yum!
  • Looking forward to our trip West to see family & friends.
  • Morning walks in the coolness & quiet with Sophie by my side.