Monday, April 18, 2011

Knitting for Sanity

When life throws me curveballs, I have several options:
  • Buy file folders, baskets, bags
  • Cast on something complicated enough to hold my interest, but not so much that I end up crazed
  • Eat chocolate
So, last week, while Dear Hubby was out of town, our last remaining Feline Companion, Emma, disappeared.  She is NOT an outside cat, is NOT savvy about being outside her/our house.  I was quietly frantic, alerting our neighbors, confiding my worries to friends.  This is the cat that just cost us $$$$ nursing her back to health, as we suspected that she was in the early stages of kidney failure.  And of course Ms Emma picked the week that I was also consumed with thoughts of a health crisis for a family member.  So, there I was, trying to remain serene on the outside, when teaching yoga classes, or working at the chiro office where I am one day each week.

So I did all three, and here's the knitting, in progress.  Top one is Lattuga (Ravelry link), middle one is Vortex Shawl (another Rav link), and the lovely blue garter (I do love garter!) is Corrine (Rav again!).  I will not show you the chocolate wrapper(s), or the file folders--suffice to say the chocolate was dark, with sea salt, and the file folders blue, with fleur de lis.

So, Dear Hubby is back in this country, the cat is home safely, the news is a little better about the family member.  Life is good, even though we woke up to snow this morning.  Cruel, cruel Midwest spring weather!

Stay tuned.  There will be lots of knitting in the next few months, as I'll have several trips to the Pacific Northwest.  Oh, and yes--drum rolls, please!  I've been accepted to the Essential Yoga Therapy 2-year training, which commences next month, link here!  I have tons of reading to do and details to sort out, but am thrilled to be continuing to learn more and more about the incredible healing tools of yoga.